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109 thoughts on “Grand kumarhane sahibi victoria minsk Kırmızı filmi için

  1. If foreign politicians did not interfere in the internal affairs of Belarus, there would be no sanctions and people would live even better. Lukashenkas dictatorship will not last forever. This is a forced measure of the transition period from the Soviet system to the European. In all the countries of the former Soviet Union, where this has not been done now, devastation and corruption, for example, Georgia or Ukraine. In Belarus, Lukashenko has eradicated corruption and created good, secure conditions for investment. It is a pity that politicians do not want mutually beneficial economic cooperation with Belarus and continue to try to make Belarus a springboard for pressure on Russia like in Ukraine. And let Western politicians tell their grandmother about democratic values. We have already seen democratic elections in America. There, no one is responsible for the lies in the media.

  2. economía planificada le doy 15 años y esta arruinado

  3. Красиво, но власть у них ужас

  4. The other guy I watch on YouTube does not have any trouble with freedom! What are you doing wrong?

    1. Go to Belarus and try to speak out against lukashenkos regime. Ill see how many years in prison you get

  5. In the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, which saw the Belarusian police beating up and imprisoning innocent civilians, this video looks positively quaint.

  6. Also what do you mean by limited freedom how is this affect the nomal everyday life and people ?

  7. There is not immigrant from Middle East and Africa.

  8. Parliamentarians across Europe and the West must join their voice together in a well-defined, united and ringing declaration that forces Western leaders to apply real pressure to Europes last dictator.

  9. To the narrator please specify what is limited amount of freedom?
    As I can see on the video, the people are well dressed living in a extremely clean and beautiful country. What else can you ask for? At least they are 100 times cleaner than most cities in the US and the West with no homeless squatters ! The president may be a dictator as so alleged by the US and the West but he did ensure that his country is safe and clean. As for economy, I am sure with proper planning, they can and will do better than the UK in time to come. So bust off Sam and your evil democracy that can only bring chaos and unhappiness as shown on the siege of the White House in Washington on the January 6th 2021!

  10. This is technically a mini cuba in the middle of Europe asia wow 45% of the companies are from the government 🤣🤣🤣 thats a dictatorship

  11. Europian culture………….👎👎🤮🤮🤮very bad and danger for every devolping country 😏

  12. Ratujcie wolną Białoruś nie dopuśccie żeby pastowane kabany z UE wespół z zachodnimi firmami, bankami i koncernami przekindrzyły gospodarkę, im nie chodzi o demokrację, waszą niby wolność którą i tak macie, im chodzi o wasze zakłady, banki, firmy, rolnictwo, wyssać co do wyssania i wypluć jak to robili z Polską!


  14. on your channel discussion it says that you tell and visit different regions of Russia, but there is no single video about Crimea? do you have plans to make video about it, or maybe you dont think it is a part of Russia?

  15. Ruso plus, ¿por qué borraste mi comentario?

    Ciudadanos de Bielorrusia, no se dejen robar por el falso espejismo de los Estados Unidos. Mire los países ex comunistas y especialmente los ortodoxos. Son países en ruinas, países donde Estados Unidos ha introducido la corrupción, las drogas, la prostitución generalizada y los bancos y corporaciones occidentales los están robando. La mayoría de las personas altamente calificadas se convirtieron en esclavas en los países de Europa occidental y América. Nadie en los antiguos países comunistas tiene derechos si no consumen drogas o no ven a sus hijos como esclavos de los intereses occidentales. Estén unidos queridos grupos

  16. Belorusi nisu ni svesni sta ce da im se desi ako im dodje smrdljiva zapadnjacka demokratija. Mogu da kazu zbogom svemu sto je njihovo, kao npr traktorima, prirodi, vodama, poljoprivredi, industriji, deci i omladini, ukratko svemu sto vredi.

  17. Clean,neat and stylish people. Girls are taller And beautiful.

  18. Beautiful country 🇧🇾
    Greetings form India🇮🇳🙏🙏

  19. The police in America are more
    Dangerous and you have no democrats whats not to like!


  20. They better keep democracy out of their country as long as they can if they want to continue living in paradise.

  21. I am very very ….sad to see our country capital Delhi with Belarus capital how our delhi will be become such type of clean enviorment.

  22. …if possible i want to migrate to Belarus🇧🇾.. For the rest of my life… ❤ Belarus

  23. just another nice country which american aggressors want to destroy like Ukraine, Syria and etc., stay strong Belarus, dont let these warmongers harm you

  24. Belarus 🇧🇾 looks like a nice Country to visit, I would love to go there 😀

  25. Freedom is is not what its cracked up to be! Even America s not free. When you are poor, freedom is meaningless, and we have a lot of poverty in the US.

  26. ALEKSANDAR LUKAŠENKOVIĆ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  27. Glad yt recommend me this channel. Good info on this country. Good job Russianplus.

  28. Nước này cũng được này Quan trọng nhất là phải hòa hợp âm dương Không theo mấy đứa phụ nữ việt nam được đâu Thâm lắm Đi chữa bệnh còn đéo được với với bọn nó Thâm lắm vào xong rồi nhân quả nó lại vả lại cho đấy Nói thì không nghe

  29. Thanks for your excellent excursion through Belarus. It looked well organized, and it’s natural environment was astounding, the fact the 40 % of the Country has forests and that the primeval forest still extends over such a large area shows that Capitalists have not yet exploited its natural resources. It was really interesting to see the agricultural developments and learn about Belarus industrial production. The various scenes from the different cities and their architecture made me want to visit and enjoy the culture and learn more about people who live in Belarus.
    In the West we get all the negative aspects about Life in Belarus, but seeing is believing, and what I saw was impressive, beautiful, and
    a place I would love to visit.
    Thanks for you well balanced and informative narrative.

    1. Trust me, Belarus is a beautiful country with kind people, well worth a visit. I have visited several times, and its one of my favourite countries. The primeval forest and lakes are amazing.

  30. Love all of the positive comments about how great this country is. Just goes to show you how gullible people are. Belarus is a shithole which is why people want to leave and revolted against their govt.

  31. Limited freedom?
    Covid lockdowns in western countries…zero in Belarus
    Makes you think…

  32. Are all the girls that good looking??? And white??? Sign me up!!!

  33. I miss the Belarusian babushka from the radiated zone from bald and bankrupt youtube videos

  34. Wow what a beautiful country ,very cleaned, transportation is calm and cleaned, city architecture is wonderful, I love to visit

  35. Пожалуйста, дорогие братья славяне, ваш хозяин, наверное, только у вас относительная нормальность. Привет.

  36. Blessed beautiful clean country with nice people.Engaging too much freedom can be rowdy at time thus leading to unbecoming behaviours such as in many democratic countries.

  37. turkey is also a dictatorship and even us is no longer democracy but some dictators are good – like ones that dont poison people with fake experimental vaccines, from uk the belerus dictator seem like a good guy relatively speaking and it one place i may seek asylum if vaccines manditory. as plato says democracy is most corrupt form of government and soon degrades into tyrany. after tyranny you get the possibility of good dictators hense putin and belashenko who still know discipline but also no that extremes are bad. the best times of course are early democracy – but it alays leads to decedance pedophilia etc. this is why global govenments are a bad idea. with different states ppl can move in and out when the bad/good cycles begin. all ruuia and russian satalites not in eu have great future as they start their good cycles. the people are humble and do not realise what they will achieve. they will look forward again and not back.

  38. Hello Any Girl for me marry from Belarus Because I love this country 😍

  39. wow, the beautiful country that that limited amount of freedom has created – truly livable, unlike the western counterparts.

  40. I visited many countries but Belarus is my favorite. Love this country, beautiful green spaces, friendly people. I feel like home when I am there. Greetings from Madagascar

  41. Name one country where people are better off since the introduction of “democracy”. Look in the neighborhood, at Ukraine.
    I understand the ideal of freedom, but the times are such that since the 1990s the changes are to the worst.

  42. اذا كانت هذه الشيوعية الماركسية فهي افضل بعشرات المرات من الراسمالية الغربية
    فيها الانسان محترم والمدينة محترمة بوصفنا نحن آل اسماعيل اول من اسسنا المدينة

  43. Beautiful country with beautiful people.
    Would love to visit some day.

  44. Wht about the Nuclear disaster is the soil still poluted to this day by radiation so you get it in your body when you eat vegetables produced in Belarus ?

  45. Беларусь самая чистая и свободная страна в мире!Не верьте продаждым дурналистам!

  46. Last Independent country on world, free people. !! 👍💪

  47. Russian plus, why did you delete my comment?

    Citizens of Belarus, do not be robbed by the false mirage of the United States. Look at the former communist countries and especially the orthodox ones. They are countries in ruins, countries where the United States has introduced corruption, drugs, widespread prostitution and are robbed by Western banks and corporations. Most of the highly skilled people became slaves in the countries of Western Europe and America. No one in the former communist countries has rights if they dont use drugs or see their children as slaves to Western interests. Be united dear groups

  48. Interesting fact: If the government wants you, and you fly over its territory, itll tell the pilot to land as a bomb is on board and send a fighter jet to make sure your plane lands, lol 🙂

  49. Im amazed that, with such a low average income, the municipal services, streets, parks, etc are clean and well kept. While most countries in the world with that average income have major areas that are a disaster to watch, for example in Latin America, where average income is actually even higher, but the municipal authorities are terrible.
    It speaks well of the Belarussian authorities, even though i know there is a lot to criticize about them.

    1. Must be all that damn white privilege ! They need diversity, obviously!

    2. @Maria Z
      Im happy for your relatives, and it confirms that the problem is not money but organization. And i can only imagine how much the dictatorship steals through corruption.

      There is a fundamental proficiency in public service that is maintained even though the country is not in the best of times.
      It speaks well on the level of institutional development compared to most countries in the world.
      This kinds of things are usually taken for granted by local people, but from an outside perspective they truly are to be praised.

    3. My elderly relatives live in Belarus, and they receive high-quality medical treatment free of charge: he after the stroke, and she gets regular injections and medicines for her diabetes.

  50. Why you western guys always keep saying about estern countries that is nice, clean, whatever but “the have limited amount of freedom”? What kind of freedom? Carrying guns, same sex marriage, mocking media, drugs… Idiotic movies and tv shows, big and expensive cars, loans, lifestyle. Why you always seem to care very much about others? Why don’t you stay safe in your country and let others to care about their own homeland and treassure.

    1. You have half answered yourself – for transnational capital, countries like Belarus are attractive prey. The country has a low debt (39% of GDP), the debts of individuals are even lower. To instal a puppet at the head of the state, burdening the country with meaningless and unpayable loans, privatizing everything that is possible, especially the food and tobacco industry….But most importantly – another goal is Russias mineral wealth, for which Belarus is an ideal base. 😉

  51. If you watch the western media, you can freak out LOL

  52. Who wouldnt want to visit a place with such a low crime rate! (Getting mugged in the USA or scammed in Eastern Europe, getting your pocket picked in Spain or France) That apart it has some of the best looking people Ive seen in any one place. Great restaurants & food but language posed a barrier. Looks spankier and more spruced up than when I visited in 2003. Lovely place as a travel destination. Lucky Luke!!

  53. Freedom is the sort of intangible stuff. For ordinary people, a decent life is everything. When main media describe a countries without freedom or human rights, they never look at their own problems with similar issues, even worse human rights but only they control the media. Tell me which countries have fully freedom and have no human rights issues. If they really care so much about freedom and human rights of other countries, why they still sanction and bomb others.

    Can we don’t talk about dirty politics things and just share the beautiful scenery and shows the followers how people in other country live.


  55. Russian plus, why did you delete my comment?

    Citizens of Belarus, do not be robbed by the false mirage of the United States. Look at the former communist countries and especially the orthodox ones. They are countries in ruins, countries where the United States has introduced corruption, drugs, widespread prostitution and are robbed by Western banks and corporations. Most of the highly skilled people became slaves in the countries of Western Europe and America. No one in the former communist countries has rights if they dont use drugs or see their children as slaves to Western interests. Be united dear groups

  56. I did not imagine Belarus like this. Its so beautiful and calm. Dont give the west to beat you. Greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina 🇧🇦❤️

  57. Does the west truly have freedom and democracy. In Britain, the British are survailed most in the world by a country that boasts it has the most CCTVs sounds more like the western description of Soviet style government. So wages are small, but the cost of living is less too. In the west wages may be bigger, but most hardly cover the cost of living. The west wants Belarus as part of the EU and NATO, however, what has the EU really done and NATO is even worse having created destruction and illegal wars. Russia is Belarus major export country but why is this, does it have anything to do with the fact that western nations have to follow US illegal sanctions against it? It is time for the world to realise it is a multi-polar place and noone has the right answer for life, and definately no one side; capitalism or communism is the right ideology. Leaving the world in this way we see Belarus is great as it is and should not be medaled with by the US regime or the Russian Federation.

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