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142 thoughts on “Psp için kumar oyunları indir Lot SOLD Epic

  1. hello, I have followed your instructions in the other video about jailbreaking it and thats done but the games which I have downloaded still says corrupted data.

  2. Send the video by step by step how to install PSP games

  3. I like this guys intro , its different . Keep it up dude !

  4. hii there i already have a memory card and my i have everything like pro update and the gams are working just want to add more games and delete some games in it can you help me ?

  5. Bhutni ke hindi nahi atti do you know hindi

  6. Please send a step by step video about how to download game

  7. Please put the video on PSP how to install games in 2020 please

  8. If the firmware is done and all the procedure for download is also done then directly download the games and copy paste it in the psp na? Or we have to extract the file ?

  9. i dont have a lot of knowledge about PSP
    I checked my System Information of My PSP , it shows my system software is 6.60 Pro-B10
    I also found there is a Pro update in my game selection bar and it shows that I have and able to launch CFW launcher
    is it meant that I have already cracked my PSP ?

    I will so appreciate you if u can help me, i found my psp back in this quarantine , and i hope i can still enjoy the game >< hopefully u can see my comment . thx ! 100% subscribe if it works . i like ur content ! <3

  10. so where do these files go??
    and how to play them?? do i need to use the Launcher to play the game?? because it will go into configuration mode!.

  11. Do you need custom firmware to play these games ?

    1. Apologies, will make dub it later for my hindi medium friends.

  12. U say there was other video on how to get the games to psp? But I don’t find it

  13. Illegal. Youll probably get introuble for downloading the games for free 😟

    1. Did you try it with some other game file as well? Often the antivirus are too sensitive, especially when you try to patch or mod a software. Happens to me quite often, I usually switch the antivirus off when Im patching a software.

  14. I formatted my PSP memory card , so where do I copy the games since the internal folders are gone now.

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  16. Please I want to know how I will load the games on the psp

    1. After installing the custom firmware, you just have to copy paste the ISO files into the memory card. when you launch the custom firmware, you should be able to see the games in your memory card.

  17. How can i damload fake psp roms like super mario 64 useing a leptop with not a PC?


  19. There is no iso file in freeroms, i only get zip file, why?????

    1. You need to unpack the zipped file to get the iso file. The file is inside imagine it as a package and you have to open it to get what you want.

  20. My psp can read umds and I also need more games. Does it affect the umd readings. Please reply

  21. i installed it but it says corrupted data
    no likes

  22. The file that needs to be copied should be done in which folder in the PSP?
    Ive already cracked my PSP to LME

    1. he still did nto explain, he did nto explain anything, i have the same problem!!!
      where do these ISO/ROMS go into the psp??? what folder???

  23. Which which button we we have to to press to download the game direct download

    1. Connect the PSP with PC using a mini USB cable ( Then the psp will show up as a removable drive. Copy paste the iso files in it.

  24. In my PSP delete the all file format of games then l download few games from internet and copy into memory card insert in the PSP they show invalid file format. How to fix this problem

    1. Firstly, did you install the custom firmware in your psp? if no then please watch this video: If you have already installed the custom firmware then, just copy paste the ISO files and then in PSP launch the custom firmware using the launcher. Then when you go to your memory stick, it will show all the games in there. note some game files in the websites can be corrupted, as developers dont release games for psp anymore, try again with some another game. Hope this helps!

  25. oh shit nice 1 now Im getting slammed with whites on my screen☺☺☺

  26. I have followed everything u said including the extraction of the game into a folder and then copying it to my psp…after everything ,the game isnt opening and saying that the game is correpted… would you suggest something for this!?

    1. I dont think you can play them those are for psppppp on playstore

    2. @Priadharshan C I have already made a video on jail breaking AKA installing custom firmware on PSP:

    3. @Priadharshan C you can watch in tech james he wilo show you how to hacked it

    1. Sorry, It may not work as PSP has very little internal memory and the ISO files are usually pretty big 500 MB upwards.

  27. is there a way i can do this without having to jailbreak my psp?

  28. hey in this given link i have downloaded the games but its in .exe format

    1. and if i download those update successfully can i del that 2 files from memory?

    2. so should i transfer those .exe format into iso folder or what

  29. I want to play free fire in psp can u make the video how to download free fire for psp

    1. You will have to connect the psp with your PC using a mini USB cable and the PC should recognize it as a removable drive. After that just copy paste the files and play!

    2. Minecraft is better than fortnite i like your name in youtube

    3. find iso files and after put the game you downloaded there. and be ready to play

  30. Hi, can you send a video how to install the FW to run the games in psp 3004 fw 6.61. thanks

    1. I have not tried it yet but i Will in some days and i Will tell you

    2. I have the same problem. But i think you can just downgrade your psp fw by just downloading the 6.60 version

  31. does this fucking work for anyone Im ducking angry fam

  32. I did everything I even installed CFW and did everything but it is not opening the game and saying that it is corrupted please fix this

  33. Make a video on how to download Pokemon games in psp

  34. i have installed everything LME installed and launched too but m not getting able to extract the game into the psp !! freeroms site you told from where the games should download is not having the isos files !! please tell me how to download and get the game in the psp

  35. Lots of ISO files on Freeroms but the download speed is unbelievably slow.

  36. Give me Best website to download ps3 games in how to install

    1. Jailbreaking or installation of the custom firmware does pose some risk of bricking the PSP and would void any sort of warranty. You may proceed at your own risk. Please do your research before you proceed as the mods change from time to time. Check what is the latest working hack and use that! Cheers!

    2. Jailbreaking or installation of the custom firmware does pose some risk of bricking the PSP and would void any sort of warranty. You may proceed at your own risk. Please do your research before you proceed as the mods change from time to time. Check what is the latest working hack and use that! Cheers!

  37. Brother I brought Chinese PSP station in that I can upgrade the firmware? Now the graphic quality is poor whether its bcoz of old firmware?

  38. Hey bro can you please provide me your contact no

  39. I have formate my memory stick what i do and how i download game

  40. i want games in my psp. i want to know how i can download games in it?

  41. I download the game it cant use
    There written corrupt data

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