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105 thoughts on “Yabancı sıkıntısı yeraltı kumarhaneleri olan site trafik asayiş operasyonu

  1. Wow…the way he talked about heroin addicts…meth addicts are just as bad. I was trying to help a young woman my age get help…she told me shes not a heroin addict anymore. She also said Fentanyl helped her get off of heroin…that is so not better. Shes not ready and I cant force her. But I feel so bad when I see women my age on any of the hard drugs 😕

  2. These two making the documentary already seem like dicks just ignorant and insensitive. Practically seem like they’re just looking for entertainment. It’s fucking horrible living like that

  3. The fact America lets army vets live in the sewers is more sickening then the water on those damn floors.

  4. Tweakers hate junkies, junkies hate tweakers, and everyone hates crack heads. Been saying this shit for years, love that guy who totally said the same thing. If you know, you know. Its so fucking true lol

  5. I shoot heroin and I dont hang out with homeless assholes like that.

  6. Damn that poor baby is going to be born down there!! Omg

  7. I didn’t even know there would be people living there 😮 I was in Vegas two weeks ago and I legit passed by Cesar palace many times! I hope these people will be safe, and hopefully they can get the help they need someday.

  8. They tried to act like its so damn dangerous down there but everyone is so nice lmao. Im sure its dangerous but they are like youll get a knife in your belly.. that guy out his hand on his gun, they were ready for a fire fight. lmao okay bro we get it you think your cool cause you go to the tent cities.

  9. Missed opportunity to dub them 🦀 people like from – south park show .

  10. dont you cry tonight…
    Superman, Batman, Spiderman will protect All you in tunnel

  11. Its heart breaking that the lowlife government sends trillions to other countries allow people from other countries illegally and give them emitties that belong to OUR own people need. It made me sick to my stomach when the 2nd person in the video was a paralyzed veteran.

  12. I lived in these tunnels for about 3 months in 2018.
    Although far from ideal, this community of people looked out for me and my belongings! If it weren’t for them I would have literally not had a toothbrush and the few changes of clothes I had. I would have been sleeping in the street out in the open and subjected to the deadly sun, thunder storms and rapists and traffickers.
    I will always be grateful for these tunnels and my tunnel family! I think and pray for them all the time- I’m still working on rebuilding my life but when I’m more financially stable, I have plans to go back and offer some help.

  13. I went underground to learn about the community of homeless people who live in sewer tunnels beneath the Las Vegas strip.

    1. Ive seen a handful of videos and documentaries about this unique population, and you raised the bar with this one.

    2. Thank you for sharing your experience. What an eye opener, so sad. Thank you for helping the people down there that want it. I wish there was more of them . 🙁

  14. It’s crazy because they’re normal people given terrible situations, this is heartbreaking to see. I’m glad there are organizations fixed to help these people out of the tunnels, without the video I would’ve never known

  15. off heroin and meth for two years now…
    weird how i havent been homeless since….gues they go hand in hand..

  16. Las Vegas is fun for a couple of days and then…yuck! It is really the
    worst of American kitsch–with the possible exception of Branson,
    Missouri. Its a good place to party, gamble, get laid, go to a crappy
    show or get married–or divorced. Oh, and to get murdered in a
    mass-shooting. The best thing about Vegas though is that its within a
    few hours drive of some of the most spectacular natural sights in the
    world: the Grand Canyon and the magnificent national parks of southern
    Utah. That would be the reason to visit in my opinion, forget everything

  17. Homeless people are constantly stealing bicycles.

  18. Damn yo homie in the wheelchair said the dog almost Drowned him when he fell out his chair thats fucking wicked

  19. The H tunnel is definitely the safest. Theyre either high and chilling or too sick to screw with you anyway. All tweakers think theyre super man though. 100lbs and bulletproof.

  20. Would the grey haired guy not be exposed by this to the people he’s finding from?

  21. That guy has a great head of hair. And a nice hair-style too!

  22. I know so many people that the eighties destroyed their lives three brothers, one died from too much drugs on a bad heart,one wheel chair bound from a stroke who would still do drugs to this day if he could get them and one lost a leg from living on the streets.I know three sister thats been on drugs almost their whole life.I started drinking around 16 became a functional alcoholic always kept a job raised my boys alone their dad passed from coke overdose( we were separated for years)
    I quit drinking 30 years ago(thanks to my GOD) I could go on and on.It was the eighties an everyone thought we were having fun I thank God I never like the high from drugs not even weed.I understand what these people are going through I will make sure I pray for them to get out

  23. Americans living like this? Veterans? Disabled?
    And ILLEGALS coming across the border and getting everything for free
    Whats wrong with that scene???

  24. No one sleeps in the mini tunnel this guy talking out his ass

  25. These tunnels are all over the United States, unfortunately with people being evicted right now, these tunnels will be filled to max.

  26. I believe those caught doing illegal drugs shouldnt be thrown in the prison system but given treatment.

  27. 20 dollars is like shitting on them …putting. A value that low on there stories

  28. 19:00 if you smoke meth and you think you saw a ghost you probably didnt see a ghost

  29. I was a heroin addict for 30 years, I worked every day and never ever would I get myself in a hole in the ground and I lived homeless for 6 years, that was the breaking point I have 23 years clean today. I am so blessed.

  30. So when I lived in Vegas, when it would rain, the whole city would flood. What happens to all these people when that happens?!

  31. Why not improve the conditions of the space by providing lighting and basic plumbing? The space is providing a purpose and better hygiene can lower tax payer burden for emergency medical care.

  32. Thise arent mole people. They barely cracked the surface…

  33. Guy lived five years in a tunnel because he didnt want to go to jail, if he went to jail he would have been out by now and I think jail is a lot cleaner placed then the tunnel. Furthermore his wife wouldnt even have to go.

  34. “And then the first mole man scootered out of the darkness” best entrance ever

  35. So the guy from Hawaii had to leave his home, and live under the streets of Vegas for the last 5 years to avoid doing 10 years for a crack pipe? Im confused because I seen a picture of our presidents son passed out with with a crack pipe hanging out of his mouth, or was that photoshopped?

  36. You would think heroin addicts thing the meth addicts are sket hy.

  37. He’s going to make it out the bears got field !! He’s going to win us a Super Bowl !!

  38. Crazy how you throw ads like every 3 minutes its ridiculous

  39. Take as much drugs as they do you’ll see goats everywhere 🤣🤣🤣

  40. These white boys have no idea what its like to have to live in the sewers

  41. I Literally got a fucking Las Vegas wwf ad watching this video 😡😡

  42. Spiders would keep me from going below the strip!🤣

  43. Vegas is a devils playground. Its more like greedy and skanky. I have no interest in the filth of Vegas. Booze, hookers and greedy casinos. SMH

  44. It is really important that peoples stories are heard and I really liked the level of respect the crew had in their conversations with everyone. Thanks for the insight.

  45. Just was there and seen some people disappear into some tunnels and thought to myself omg where are they going now i know it’s a whole new world down there

  46. We need to start sterilizing the homeless here in the U.S. along with any other asshole that doesnt want to work or contribute. Shit wed have to sterilize half the country considering most Liberals dont even make 30k a year 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Yea youre contributing alright to higher taxes

  47. Lol you guys are also cowards gonna run from a little guy with a bb gun.

  48. The fact that there are famous millionaires and hundreds of miles of secret tunnels in the same city really scared me. I cannot imagine how many traffickers

  49. the couple from hawaii, scoot over im movin in 🤝

  50. why exactly are you wearing shades in a dark tunnel with no real lighting???

  51. The Hawaii guy. 10 years in jail or a lifetime in the tunnels

  52. I always put myself down for not being able to buy a home for my family but I’m thankful now we can at least afford an apartment. I feel so bad for the children that have to live down there.

  53. When Im on meth I cant resist the ass. Lets get real

  54. Vegas gets very hot in the summer. I wonder if it’s cool down there?

  55. there’s a freedom house sober living home here in Levittown Pennsylvania too

  56. In Massachusetts we have abandoned complex houses or bandos I did meet a guy in new York who lived in the sewers that was wild

  57. That couple from Hawaii seem like really nice people; I pray for them & the two guys in the heroin tunnel as well (they seemed nice too) . ✨💛🙏💛✨
    Prayers also for the baby in the womb ✨💛🙏💛✨ Shes hurting the baby too, not just herself.

  58. Did you guys only give them 20$ each? That’s kinda messed up 🙁 I feel like 100$ minimum would’ve been fair.

  59. The couple at the end melted my heart. Such sweet lovely people. God bless them

  60. how can we as people allow our fellow people to live like this? these folks deserve home happiness and safety. the way we treat houseless people in this country makes me sick. we have the resources to keep this from happening. i mean come on! just think about the millions and millions of dollars and food waste happening directly above them. vacant hotel rooms, mountains of good hot food, billions of dollars being exchanged as if theres bo better use for it. fuck america. fuck capitalism. and fuck every nevada government official whos ever served. were better than this. and capable of so much more.

  61. grey shirt guy swears everyones out to get him .shut the fuck up already

  62. If the government has the ability to record every conversation ever spoken, why not fund building places for people stuck in these situations and eliminate drug trade. It is sad what drugs do to people. We need education. And opportunity for everyone. Positive environments. This is sad

  63. Unfortunately the pregnant woman like many doesnt want to admit to drug use as that can lead to that child being taken as soon as it is born. Whether the mother is currently or has gotten clean etc. I will pray for all of those wonderful people 💜

  64. Use these tunnels for a subway system!! The Vegas monorail sucks, the bus system is the worst in America. Plus it’s hot as hell in the Vegas desert. Make a subway system underneath Las Vegas.

  65. Suuurree someone was in the dark with a gun not saying anything just getting startled watching yall lol whats next the cartel has a portion of the tunnels closed off to funnel drugs? 😂anything for suspense hug

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